Osamu Soda (Pianist Composer)


     In 1988, during his junior year at Osaka University of Arts,

Osamu Sam Soda was invited as a scholarship student to participate

in the 1988 “Jazz in July” Workshop at the University of Massachusetts

in Amherst, MA. He studied piano performance with Dr. Billy Tailor,

composition and arrangement with Mr.Usef Latief, and ensemble performance

with Mr. Max Roach.

     In 1990, after completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from

Osaka University of Arts in Music Engineering, Soda moved to Chicago, Illinois

to start his musical career as a pianist. Filled with energy and enthusiasm,

Osamu was motivated to pursue his music education further and thus entered into

the Chicago Musical College Graduate Program at Roosevelt University.

           In 1994, he graduated with a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance.

           From 1991-94, Soda won numerous prizes such as the Grace Welch Prize for

Piano (2nd), Chicago Talent Search and Grand Prix to name a few.

          In 1995, he co-produced and released a CD album titled "Fire Horns” featuring

Bill McFarland and the Chicago Horns. Soda composed two tunes for the album

including the title cut “Fire Horns” and MAHO’S Dream.

           In 1997, Soda organized the "Osamu Sam Soda Piano Trio", and performed

in numerous cities throughout the U.S.

           Then in 1998, he relocated back to his native Japan where he continues to

broadly develop his energetic performance and career. He performs and works in

a variety of genres such as; jazz, classical and oriental folk music including music

production and electronic music.

           Osamu Soda had been a faculty member at Osaka University of Arts

Jazz Studies Department since 2003 to 2008.

Soda released a new solo piano album "Fingermade" in 2005.

             Then, Soda has extended his talent as a musical director for numerous recordings to present.


Performed with:                            

l    Glenn Miller Orchestra (1994-95)                

l    Clifford Jordan Quartet (1995-96)

l    Freddie Hubbard Quintet (1997)

l    Bill McFarland and The Chicago Horns (1991-98)

l    Lin Halliday Quartet (1994-97)

l    Mike Finnerty and the Heat Merchants (1992-98)

l    The Big Band of Chicago (1995-98)

l    The Alternative Big Band (1996-98)

l    The Jazz Members Big Band (1996-97)

l    The Horns Project (1999-2008)

l     Bobby Hebb vo & gt (2008)

l     The Rikiya Band (2009-)

l     The Soulbleed (2010-)

l     The Kansai Uta-Mono Band (2010-)

l     Toshiyuki Honda quartet (2011-)